The history of the M/V Desafio started more than 25 years ago, when the boat arrived completely empty in Manaus after a long term navigation from Rio de Janeiro the Amazonian waters. After a careful renovation to make it worthy to its guests, the M/V Desafio started navigating through the Amazon River with safety and comfort.
The boat was fully reconstructed in 2013 changing 85% of all the structure, in accordance with the new standards for shipbuilding regulations approved by the Navy of Brazil, getting a new date of birth due to its modern structure, improved spaces such as comfortable cabins, lobby, bar, solarium, and the amazing and acclimatized restaurant. The boat is NEW and counts on more than 25 years’ experience to guarantee a safe, comfortable and unique expedition to discover the Amazon the best way: through the Amazonian rivers.

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The Amazon is a vast area to explore, so we offer a set of regular tours to ensure you experience the best of the Amazon in the time available. The Maguari Amazon Cruise offers regular departures every Thurdays from Manaus. No matter which Amazon Cruise you select, you will be part of the wild nature of the Amazon, experiencing many surprises along the way, be sure to keep your eyes open and admire the beauty kept hidden for many centuries as it unfolds before you.

Dressing for the adventure

Prepearing yourself for a jungle trip

  • Light clothes (jacket for the winter season);
  • Bathing suit, sunglasses, and suntan lotion;
  • Full-length trousers for expeditions into the jungle;
  • Tennis shoes and comfortable walking boots with rubber sole are highly recommended;
  • In order to travel in comfort in your cabin, take the necessary items in a carry-on case or travel bag;
  • Larger suitcases can be stored in a locked deposit area of the boat.

There is an expert waiting for you

Rubens Aranha, more then 25 years of professional experience as a jungle guide

I grew up in a small village, right inside the Amazon Jungle, fishing and exploring the nature day by day. I came to the city (Manaus) a long time ago and just when I was living in town I decided to work in tourism. Why? Actually I have been interested in people since I was a kid, and I’m especially interested in the Amazon habitat. I was willing to get acquaintance, and got surprised when I realized that people are interested to visit the Amazon Rainforest. So, I am a tour guide since then.

Living surrounded by truly nature is never repetitive, colorless or monotonous. I had the opportunity to escort the greatest tenor Mr. Luciano Pavarotti during his visit to our boat. It was an honor indeed. Facing a beautiful jaguar (Panthera onca) in the wild was also an incredible and unbelievable moment of my existence as a professional native guide.

There is a reason I work for M/V Desafio for more than two decades: the boat is safe; the structure is comfortable; the guidelines follow the safety and sustainability requirements. The boat is a part of the nature, not an aggressor. I invite anyone to live this experience that I review in one word: unique!

Are you ready for an experience of a life time?

M/V Desafio is a leading operator of high-caliber
educational programs aboard amazon river.

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