The Amazon

post by MV Desafio Team

Explore the Wild

by MV Desafio Team

The Amazon region, with its fabulous, unique flora and fauna , calls visitors from around the world to explore the largest nature reserve on the planet. The cruise ship “M/V Desafio” offers the best option for enjoying the extraordinary experience of living in the jungle, with safety and comfort. With 12 double cabins, all with air conditioning, private bathroom with shower, restaurant and bar, the M/V Desafio “is the best boat in its class, sailing these waters”. Rise early to admire the sunrise and see thousands of birds come out of their nocturnal hiding places in search of breakfast. After enjoying your own breakfast, go on a fishing expedition to catch one of the many hundreds of species found in the river, including the aggressive piranha, hand-feed the inquisitive squirrel monkeys or learn more about indigenous lifestyles from the local communities. The balance of the day is spent exploring the river and the world’s greatest ecosystem.

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