The Amazon

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In the Heart of the great Amazon River

by MV Desafio Team

Amazon… the very sound of it evokes images of jungle adventure, igniting the imagination like no other region in the world! Now you may discover the mighty Amazon Rainforest in comfort and style on board the MV Desafio. M/V Desafio, a fully renovated classical schooner boat has been carefully restored with its original old world features, and fitted with motors to ensure free and secure movement along the Amazon River and its tributaries. The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world (after the Nile), stretching over 6.000 km; but it is largest when it comes to volume. The Amazon River contains 20% of the Earth’s fresh water, which it carries from high up in the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, it picks up rich soil that flows into dozens of streams and small rivers. The Amazon Basin has two freshwater systems, the igapo (blackwater) and the varzea (whitewater). The varzea contains a large amount of minerals that fertilize the land, helping trees and other vegetation to grow. This river starts in Peru, but it becomes the Amazon in Manaus. The Amazon Region brings together a diverse clientele, regardless of age, all share a spirit of adventure and curiosity for the immense, lush green and secrets of the flora and fauna of the Amazon Forest, the green lungs of the world. The M/V Desafio cruises offer the better of two worlds: the convenience and comfort of a pre-arranged group program and the joy of personal discovery. Small enough for everyone to be on a first-name basis; by the end of the first hours, our passengers feel at home in the heart of the Amazon. Our specialized hosts are glad to tell the travelers every single detail about the wildlife, the vegetation, the flooding and the seasonal shifts from the flooding and the torrential rainfalls from November to March as well as the low water level of the Amazon during the rest of the year. Cruises depart from Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas, a city in the jungle that prospered during the rubber boom last century. There is a four-day cruise visiting the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest river archipelago in the world, and its igarapés - permanent river channels - and igapós - non-permanent river channels. Due to its acidic waters, mosquitoes are practically non-existent. The cruise also includes daily explorations and activities in motorized canoes into the jungle, as well as a rich Amazonian cuisine served in the ship's restaurant.

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